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Advanced workshop for adults

The advanced adult workshop is held at the Théâtre du Petit Matin, where there are two studio spaces for small group work. The workshop is reserved for those with at least two years’ acting experience (in any language). The aim is to produce high-quality amateur theatre in English.

With the emphasis on developing a naturalistic acting style and standard English pronunciation, we will concentrate on exploring modern and classic texts and poetry, whilst using improvisation, clowning, and devising techniques to enhance our understanding of the acting process. The workshop will culminate in the creation of at least one show a year to present to the general public.

The group will be limited in number to ensure high quality work and personalised feedback. Your English needn’t be perfect, but you will need to be able to handle original texts in an all-English-speaking environment.

For further information about joining this group, please get in touch.